Sunday, April 17, 2011

OGS Display in Viva Botanica at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens

Last Saturday OGS joined the Alamo Sierra Club table at Viva Botanica to show attendees how easy it is to set up your very own worm farm at home. We made a quick home scale bin to bring, which is a much smaller scale than we deal with now, but it reminded me of when we first started doing this in bins just like that in the living room of Raja's apartment. Many of the adults we talked to said they had considered diversifying their home composting with some Red Wigglers and were happy to see how easy it is, while the kids ... well, let's face it, they were just excited to play with some worms!

The Sierra club had a really cool workshop on plant cuttings, which involves clipping small sections off of established plants and transplanting them into a new pot. The cutting then begins to grow its own root structure and eventually becomes its own full-size plant. We've actually seen some of the local nurseries around town, like Beull's Wholesale Growers, doing it. Their workshop let people take cuttings off of some plants they had brought in order to transplant them and take them home. Some of the kids came over to our side of the table to fertilize their cuttings with some of our worm castings. We think they'll be surprised by how fast those little plants will take root and start shooting up towards the sun!

Thank you Peggy Day, for asking us to be a part of your display, and thank you Bob for the great advice you shared with us. Thank you David Rodriguez, over at the AgriLife Extension for putting us in touch.

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